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Boutique personal training studio in Mayfair

The ONE: Studio is London’s finest personal training studio, training clients from all over the world, in person and virtually. Priding ourselves on a meticulously tailored one:one service, we deliver exceptional results in short time frames using our proven methodology.



trust, connection & enjoyment.

Training designed for efficiency and enjoyment

Within the studio, we create experiences based around mental stimulation, hard work, laughter and enjoyment throughout all our training. Our routines and programmes constantly vary and are designed purely with each individual client in mind, often rehabilitating previous injuries and connecting with current and past sports.



Our Testimonials


Charlie Catterall
Hugely impressed by Henry and the team at ONE. They’ve created a unique vibe and experience that was a refreshing new approach to training. The one on one training offered a bespoke service, but the joint use of the area create a nice community feel to all users.

Tara Kirwan
I was referred to One Personal Training following a re-occuring back issue and I’m so glad I was. After only a few sessions in, movement in my back dramatically improved. I could feel my overall body strength increasing, better supporting and protecting my back and body overall.
James is brilliant; creating fun, bespoke programmes for each session. He knows how to get the most of you and has an amazing ability to break down each exercise in a simplified manner. Having trained for years, I thought my form was on point but James has corrected and perfected it, helping me move correctly and safely through each exercise and therefore get better results overall. He’s also given me the confidence to get out of my head when I fear I’ll have a relapse … movement is key as long as it’s done in a safe and controlled manner.
My body hasn’t felt this good in years and I’m so glad One Personal Training / James helped me achieve that.

Arjun Pillai
Have thoroughly enjoyed Charlotte’s dynamic rehab regime from a knee injury. I had a previously had an ACL reconstruction and meniscal damage. Charlotte has created a bespoke full body strengthening programme such that I can return to sport in better condition than prior to the injury.

Daniel Humm, Michelin star chef, Eleven Madison Park and Davies and Brook, Claridges
Super approachable but also totally professional and knowledgeable. A workout that is balanced, so that your whole body benefits. Tailored programs to your skills, interests, and goals making sure you are successful.
Audrey L Libert
I couldn’t recommend ONE: Personal training enough!
Having tried many PT sessions over the last 10 years in London, this is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. Their approach is very different from most PTs. They understand all bodies and adapt to your needs during the session. My husband and I had a blast.

As someone who’s fairly advanced in strength training, I thought I’d seen it all. But ONE Personal Training and specifically, Henry have taken my fitness journey to a whole new level.
ONE Personal Training is a hidden gem for fitness enthusiasts like myself. This gym which has top-notch equipment, provides the ideal setting to continually push your boundaries.

Henry and the team are consummate professionals. I cannot praise them highly enough. I have had a flawless experience over the last 9 years, and the location is fully stacked with everything you need.

Samantha Hoopes, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model
The most unique and fun experience, using techniques that I have never had another trainer use before. Training for just one week, I noticed a huge difference in my body from my posture to my muscle tone, a trainer who truly cares about your wants and needs!
Holly Scarsella
The most luxury one to one training I’ve ever received. And even though the entire experience was super premium, it also felt really inviting and not intimidating at all which is important to me. Henry was so knowledgeable and I loved the strength vs movement ethos. Loved it!

Laila Elsayed
MY HAPPY PLACE! Henry is by far the best PT I’ve ever trained with! his creativity and techniques in designing different and challenging workouts is incredible, keeps me always engaged, very motivated and very eager to come back for my next session. I have never felt stronger, healthier and that fit Thanks to him. Cannot recommend ONE PT highly enough

Demi Kilakos
I’ve been training with ONE:PT for about 8 months now and couldn’t recommend enough! My journey, led by online sessions with Tim, has been super enjoyable. Right from the beginning, the experience felt welcoming and non-intimidating. Tim’s ability to tailor workouts to my specific goals has allowed me to really make the most out of these past 8 months. As well as being super knowledgeable, he has also been very supportive, offering detailed advice and guidance over every exercise. Thanks to his expertise, I’ve seen tremendous progress in just 8 months. The training has definitely been challenging yet enjoyable, keeping me motivated throughout. I’d definitely recommend ONE:PT for anyone looking to start their fitness journey.

Kate Beckinsale, Actress
One of the best trainers I have ever worked with. Never boring and constantly new ideas to accommodate your personal fitness goals, any injuries or intense dislikes. I’ll never forget the arse banana exercises or how to rehab a stiff neck with a broom handle. Could not recommend more.